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About Us

iShopping Malaysia was established several products and services since 2012 with the dream of making customers easier and enjoyable for buying products online. Throughout these years, iShopping Malaysia commits itself to provide high quality product services by keeping needs of customers, supplier and employees at the forefront of its mind.

iShopping powers a robust and secure avenue for trading in Malaysia. Many distributors have realized the power of using iShopping to trade and grow their business.

iShopping Malaysia‚Äôs main target is group of customers that is non-commercial and household who are underserved with difficult transport service and time. iShopping recognize that a large number of buyers find it a hassle to physically travel to a store to make a purchase. Such travel often loss of valuable time, cost of commute as well as frustration due to unfamiliarity of the product available.   

Who are iShopping Malaysia ?

iShopping Malaysia is an online store which provided variety of product and services. iShopping Malaysia development team has been founded since 2009. Since then, iShopping Malaysia has been growing everyday and strive to be the one of the largest online store in Malaysia and serving with 1000 million people who underserved with difficult transport service and expensive prices.

Perks of buying from us 

Quality Control

iShopping Malaysia ensure that the main focus will be in quality of the products and services and  make sure that customers get the best quality of the products and services.

Friendly Customer Service

iShopping Malaysia will make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If customers require assistance during their shopping, ishopping Malaysia will provide the best support that customer can find online.


How to contact iShopping Malaysia?

If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about iShopping Malaysia, products or services,  contact us through or call/sms iShopping Malaysia at (6)018-386 6997.  iShopping Malaysia will get back to you within 3 working days.


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